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Grandparents' Day at Meyer: September 12

We would cordially like to invite grandparents to eat lunch with their grandchild(ren) on September 12.
Please note below to ensure the safety of all the students:
-Grandparents may only eat with and bring lunch for their grandchild(ren)
-Grandparents will sit in a designated area away from other children
-Grandparents must present a valid ID and be on the emergency form. You may visit the school prior to September 9 to have your ID scanned.
-Grandparents are only allowed in the cafeteria. (They will not be allowed to walk their grandchild to class)
-Cell phone and camera use is prohibited
-Due to space, only 2 grandparents at a time will be allowed to eat with their grandchild(ren)
-Due to safety and liability concerns, siblings (including students enrolled in MS, Jr. High, and High School) will not be allowed to attend.
Your child’s safety is our priority! We look forward to seeing our special guests.
GP Day

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