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Our mission is to create a strong, safe community that will maximize our student’s education and inspire their curiosity to learn.

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Student Accident Insurance

Dear Parents,

You have the option of purchasing individual accident-only insurance for your students thru Texas Kids First Insurance Company. Please see the below link for more information. Thank you!

Texas Kids First Individual Accident-Only Insurance


Important Information

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School Hours

The school day begins at 7:30 and ends at 2:55. The building will be open at 7:00 every day. Students are tardy if they arrive after 7:30. Transportation changes must be submitted to the front office before 2:00.  Transportation changes must be submitted either by a phone call or by a written note.  Email is not permitted for making transportation changes.

Front Office Hours

The front office hours are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

Lunch Schedule



  Girls on the Run                                                           Art Club

girls on the run                                                                       art club       


Science Olympiad                                                Student Council


Upcoming Events

  • Book Fair - Friday, September 2nd- September 9th
  • Labor Day Holiday, No School - Monday, September 5th 
  • Title 1 Parent Information Night 5:30- 6:00PM - Thursday, September 8th
  • Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00PM- Thursday, September 8th 
  • Late Night Book Fair 5:30-7:00PM- Thursday, September 8th 
  • Constitution Day- Thursday, September 15th
  • Elementary Early Release Day 11:30AM - Thursday, September 22nd 
  • Fort Bend County Fair Day, No School - Friday, September 23rd 

Contact Us

STAFF INFORMATION:                     

Principal: Risa Crosby

Asst. Principal: Katelyn Spano

Counselor: Marisa Bienek

Nurse: Cindy Moore

Librarian: LaKursha Vykukal

Bilingual Facilitator: Flor Shaw



Reading Tips          

Reading tips

Math Tips

Fun and Cheap Ways to Practice Math at Home

1. Roll the Dice- Dice can be used in so many different ways. Roll them to practice and create fractions, simple addition or multiplication problems or even word problems. Turn it into a friendly competition by awarding points to the player who has the largest sum, product, or fraction.

2. Use Cards- The classic card game War is always a good way to practice math when you have a few extra minutes here and there. Each player can flip over a card and either add or multiply the two numbers. Who ever says the correct answer first, gets to keep the cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins!

3. Play Dominoes- Teach your child how to play straight dominoes. This will help with addition skills as well as how to make combinations of 5. Not to mention, it requires some higher-level thinking to be able to plan your next move and strategize.

4. Make a recipe- When you have to follow a recipe-especially when you have to adjust the recipe-there’s a lot of math involved in making sure you get it right. Put those skills to the test by making cookies or even slime by letting your child do the measuring. For more of a challenge, have students double, triple or even quadruple the recipe.

5. Create your own Math Concentration Game- Use paper cut into rectangles or index cards. Write a math problem on one card and the answer on another. So, you might have 4x5 on one card, and then another card would have 20. Turn them face down and take turns making two choices to find a correct match. You could even color code the cards to make it easy to distinguish questions vs. answers.

6. Play Board Games as a Family- Many boards games encourage math development. Yahtzee (basic addition), Connect Four/checkers, chess (strategy), Candy Land (counting), Monopoly (money), and Battleship (coordinate grids) are just a few to mention.

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PTO Information

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