Campus Phone: 832-223-3200

New Student Information

Contact Information

Nancy Montecillo 
Last Names: A-LOV 

 Dana Nowlin 
Last Names: LOU- Z 

 Neyda Adams 
 Counselor's Secretary


New Student Registration

Welcome to Lamar Junior High!  We are happy to have your family become a part of our Mustang family!  Registration appointments should be set up through our counselors' office.  This can be accomplished by using the contact information listed above or by calling our front office at 832-223-3200. 

Please complete the online registration information here.

Families will need to complete the online registration information PRIOR to your registration appointment.  Information regarding the online process as well as what to bring to your registration appointment can be found here or in the document list above:

** Guardianship: Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll a student at Lamar Junior High School.  To give guardianship to another person, the parent must complete the power of attorney form and have it notarized.  The person assuming guardianship must complete the acceptance form and have it notarized. Both parent and POA must have ID (TX ID or Government Issued ID).

** Dual/Co-Residence Affidavit:  If you are living in another person’s residence, you must complete the Dual/Co-Residence affidavit with the homeowner, and both the parent and homeowner must complete the form and have it notarized.  All documentation must be provided at enrollment. ID for parent and homeowner is required (TX ID or Government Issued ID).

To Withdraw a Student from Lamar Junior High

If you know that you will not be returning to Lamar Junior High School please notify Mrs. Adams as soon as possible so your paperwork can be prepared for you to take to the new school.  Obtain from the counselor's office a copy of a Withdrawal/Leaver document.  The parent and/or legal guardian is required to sign paperwork and provide proper identification (government issued) in order to officially withdraw a student.

If there are any outstanding textbooks, equipment, fees and/or fines, the student must clear these prior to withdrawing.

Student Information:  Current Information is Vital!

The importance of accurate contact information on your child is vital. School officials must have accurate information on each student, in case the school needs to contact (via phone, mail, and/or email) the parent and/or guardian. If you move (change address), change your phone number(s), or change your most used email at any time during the school year, please print and complete the Change of Student Information Form, and return it to the registrar's office at Lamar Junior High.  You must also include the following documentation with your change if you are changing your current address in the system.

     1.  A valid Texas driver's license or state issued ID is required for ALL changes.
     2.  An updated, current utility bill is required for an address change, and the Texas License must match the driver's current utility bill in Lamar Junior High School zone.

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Verification of Enrollment requests are completed in the registrar’s office.  The student will need to sign up with their name and ID number on the VOE request log in the registrar's office. After 24 hours, the student should return to our office and pick up their VOE.  VOE’s issued during the regular school year are good for 30 days from the date printed on the form.  VOE’s requested during the last 5 school days are good until the first day of school in August.