Welcome to the Library



The mission of Lamar Consolidated ISD Librarians is to create a physical and digital environment in which our students, staff, and community can strengthen their natural inquisitive nature, foster a love of reading, and serve as a collaborative resource for teachers and staff in developing and delivering powerful learning experiences across all curricular areas.


It is the goal and vision of Hutchison's Library Media Program to:

Provide an attractive, welcoming environment.

Provide a well-organized and comprehensive collection that meets the needs of the faculty and student body.

Encourage collaboration between the media specialist and faculty to integrate information, media literacy, and technology skills into all curricular areas.

Maintain a collection that is continually assessed and plan steps for changes and improvements.

Insure that the media program and its services are meeting the needs of both the faculty and the students.


Parent volunteers are always welcome in the library. Volunteers are needed to shelve books, assist students with returning and checking out books, process new books and most of all, during book fairs.

Student volunteers are always welcome and the library has an active student volunteer group.

Student Checkout

The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 2:30 p.m.

Students visit the library with their classes once a week for a short lesson and to check out books. Students may return and exchange their books more often if their teacher has given them permission to visit the library at a time that is not their library period.

Checkout Policy

Kindergarten and first grade students are permitted to checkout one book per week. Students in second, third, fourth and fifth grades may checkout two books per week.

In all grades, students may not checkout any new books if they have not returned a book. Please contact the librarian if your child has lost their library book. We often can find lost books here at school.

Other Library Activities

The library sponsors several voluntary programs including the Spring Book Festival Club (grades 3-5), the Texas 2 x 2 Reading Club (grades K-2), Pizza Hut Book It! (grades K-5), Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club (grades K-5), and the SpaceCowboys Reading program.

Hutchison Hornets’ Birthday Book Club helps us add new books to our collection that will be enjoyed by students for years to come.  Let us help to make your child’s birthday extra special while you help us build our library collection. This is a wonderful opportunity to benefit the library, to promote books, to foster a love of reading, and to create a special and lasting memory. 

This year we have partnered with our library book vendor, Bound to Stay Bound. Selections can be made directly on our new website:
Visit our Book Club here: Hutchison Library Book Club


Books will be processed to our library specifications, a book plate with your student name and birthday will be added and shipped to our Hutchison Library for all our Hornets to enjoy!

Book Fairs

The library sponsors two book fairs each year in the fall and spring which help our library to buy more books and arrange for student programs.