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Campus Phone: (832)223-4000

General Information

The library provides students with a variety of services ranging from computer use and book checkout to research and printing. We offer select school supplies year-round for a small fee. Students may come in to work on projects, research, homework or classwork, provided they have a pass from a teacher.


A fine of 10¢ a day will be assessed for every day the book is late (please note the due date card in the back pocket of each library book). The due date is the LAST date you see on the card! *Some books are "OVERNIGHT" books and are checked out for one day only.  These books have an "OVERNIGHT" sticker on the front cover, and the due date is stamped in RED.  These fines are 10¢ per class PERIOD.*


Printing for school use is free up to 5 pages as long as the pages are for school use (homework or an assignment). Any printing for personal use is 25¢ per page payable at the time printing is complete.

Damaged Books

When a book is returned damaged beyond repair, the replacement cost of the book will be charged. Damage to library materials includes, but is not limited to: spills from food, drink or other substances; damage to cover or spine; cutting or tearing pages; writing with pencil, pen or other markers.

Lost Books

Once a book is 30 days past due, student will be charged for the replacement cost of the book. If the book is found and returned in good condition during that same school year, the full amount (minus fines) will be refunded. Please make check out to Briscoe JH Library.

We offer the following supplies:

  • Poster board--$1.00 for whole, 50¢ for half sheet
  • Notebook paper filler pads--50¢ each
  • Pens/Mechanical Pencils-- 50¢ each
  • Pencils--25¢
  • Erasers--2 for 25¢

Please note: The library staff may block you from checking out materials if you have fines or fees. We may also block you from purchasing tickets to pep rallies or other school sponsored activities if you have overdue books or fees pending on your library account.