Volleyball tryouts begin August 16th-August 18th.  7th Grade and 8th grade will tryout from 7:30-9am. Please contact Jennifer Knesek ([email protected]) if you are planning on trying out.  If you have not gotten your physical and completed online rank one forms, you will not be able to participate. 

The athlete MUST have a Physical Exam on file with us and UIL Online Medical History forms in Rank One complete to be able to tryout. You may email your physical to [email protected]  The detailed info can be found on the LCISD website. If you are not cleared in Rank One you will not be allowed to tryout.

 2) 8th Grade Tryouts will be a 3 – day tryout, beginning Wednesday, August 16th-18th . 8th grade will need to attend ALL 3 days, Aug 16th-18th as it is NOT a 1 day only tryout.

7th grade Tryouts will be a 4 – day tryout, beginning Wednesday, August 18th from 7:30 – 9:00am (doors will open by 7:15 am). Tryouts are Aug 16-21. First round cuts will be on Thursday, Aug 26th. Every athlete will receive a letter inviting them back or ending their tryout. If they receive a letter inviting them back, final cuts will be made on Monday, August 21st. Parents will be able to drop off their daughter at the gym entrance at the side of the school starting at 7:15 am to get checked in to tryouts.

 We will use the first 2 days of school, Aug 14th & 15th to check physicals, go over protocols (locker room, safety) and make sure we are good to go for tryouts.

3) For tryouts, please come dressed in athletic clothing (t-shirt & shorts), knee pads if you wish, court shoes, outdoor running shoes and her own water bottle with name clearly on it. If you plan to purchase kneepads, please try to purchase them in black as that is our team preference.

4) We have a schedule that will be handed out if your student makes the team. We will be using SportsYou to communicate with teams throughout the season.

5) Week 2 after tryouts and teams are made, practice will be from 7:45am-9:00am.  


  • If your daughter makes the team, she will be expected to attend Junior High Night at the high school on TBD. All teams will stay after school and walk over to Foster’s Volleyball game.
  • We will have a MANDATORY Parent Meeting on TBD at Briscoe.
  • Our first scrimmage is scheduled for Friday, September 1st.

If your daughter plans to tryout for the volleyball team, please have her contact Coach Knesek. Please contact Coach Knesek with any questions or concerns at jknesek@lcisd.org


Things to do for Athletic Participation:
1. Online Paperwork-Link
2. Printable Physical Form-Link

Head Coach
Jennifer Knesek
[email protected]