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Teacher's Lounge

Atomic Learning - This website is used by our staff to watch videos for professional development.  All of the LCISD Compliance Videos are housed and tracked through this website as well.  Please see an administrator if you wanted to watch an Atomic Learning video for DMA.

Bridges- This website is used for all 7th graders to do their career inventory.  The results are shared with the students and used when picking courses for course selection.

Briscoe Rewards 365 - This is the direct link to the website where our staff can sign-in and shop.  If any staff member needs assistance with their login, please e-mail Ken Ward (

Briscoe Rewards 365 App - Students and teachers can use this link to log into the app site and load e-mail addresses or monitor their group's progress using the group code.  This is the alternative to downloading the app and doing this on your Smart Phone.

Edmodo - This website is used by our staff to help promote information to our parents and students.  This site is free.  Students connect to their teachers using the login codes in the classroom.  Parents connect with students using a code off of the Student''s homepage.

Eduphoria - T-TESS Teacher Evaluations & Aware data from classroom assessments.

Forum Calendar - Click on the link to access the Forum Usage calendar for the campus.  If there is an open slot on the calendar that you want, fill out the Forum Sign-Up Sheet below.

Forum Sign-Up Sheet - Download this sheet and fill it out and put it in Melanie Flores' box if you want to reserve a spot in the Forum.  You can also e-mail the completed form to her.

Goal Setting Worksheet - This link takes you to the online form where you submit on school goal and one personal goal from August 2015 Staff Development Week.

Google Doc for Bus Release - We release buses according to this document.  Staff and students must pay attention to the changes that are updated here as buses arrive each afternoon.

iCafe - Technology resources for LCISD staff

Kronos - Online time.  Briscoe JH will be piloting this new online time system during the 2012-2013 school year.

LCISD Policy Online - This website will let you search for and review any LCISD board policies.

Mentoring - Click on the link to submit a name to the administration that should be added to the Core Department's Tracking Board.  We will print the photo with ID and name and laminate them so you can add them to the board later.

Mentoring Student Survey - Sit with your Mentee and fill out this survey.

Mentoring Staff Survey - Fill this out as the Mentor.

MUNIS (Budget) - Use this link to create PO's approve requisitions and budget transfers.

MUNIS Self-Service - Staff use this site to change personal information, sign up for benefits, etc.

Paxton Patterson - This website is used by our CTE classes. 

Personal Leave Request Form - Required to fill out and get approved by the Principal 2 days prior to taking a personal day.

SchoolDude- Online Workorder Submissions

Skylert - This is our callout system which is a product of the Skyward company.  

Skyward - Student Management System (Beginning 2013-2014 School Year)
SuccessEd - This website is used by the Special Education department to enter paperwork, etc. for the ARD process.

VersaTrans E-Link - Use this URL whenever you want to look up bus information for a student.  This also works when the LCISD homepage link is not working.

WebCenter - Absences

Winocular - Human Resources Portal