Campus Phone: 832-223-4800

Hello, Arredondo Jaguar Family! I am thrilled to be your GT Facilitator! I am passionate about learning, teaching, and everything that has to do with gifted education.  Know that I am here to advocate for your child/children.  We have a fantastic year ahead of us, and I look forward to working with your child/children as we grow together!  Easiest way to reach me is through email at
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Gifted and Talented Program Information

21.22 Elementary What is GT Flyer 1 of 2
21.22 Elementary What is GT Flyer 2 of 2
21.22 GT Assurances 1 of 1
21.22 GT Events Flyer 1 of 1

Electronic referrals will be accepted. Contact campus GT Facilitator for a referral. Deadline to complete a referral for Spring 2023 is Dec. 16, 2022. 

Parents of students going through the screening process this Spring will be notified of the ARE decision the first week of May, 2023. 


GT Parent Handbook (English)                                     GT Parent Handbook (Spanish)

GT State Plan (English)                                                 GT State Plan (Spanish)

GT Referral Form (English)                                            GT Referral Form (Spanish)

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