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Campus Phone: (832)223-4100


Helpful Information About Wertheimer Middle School 

  1. Car Riders – The only drop-off and pick-up point for car riders is the front of the school. Please do not pick-up or drop off students on the side or back of the building. This is a safety issue and procedure must be followed. No exceptions. Students will not be allowed to walk to Briscoe or Foster. Special permission will be considered with a parent note in advance. Notes must be turned in to the front office.
  2. Bus Riders – Bus routes will be available online beginning Monday, August 8. Logon to to input your address and find the bus stop and times for your child.
  3. Early Pick-Up – If you need to pick-up your child early from school, please call us in advance at 832-223-4100. This will keep classroom interruptions down and allow us to notify students during class changes. For end of the day early pick-ups, please be sure to call before 2:30 p.m. No early pick-ups after 3:15 p.m.
  4. Attendance – Attendance is taken each class period. Your child is counted absent if he/she is not present. The only exception is if your child is at school for any part of the day and turns in a note to the front office from the doctor. Parent notes must be turned in to the front office for all student absences.


    Our phone number is 832-223-4100. 
    If the line is busy, please try 832-223-4106 or 832-223-4103




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