Campus Phone: (832)223-2000

Library Home

Welcome! My name is Tammie Crosby, and I am the librarian at Meyer Elementary School. 
Library classes are in full swing. Students will enjoy their 2nd maker space the week of October 23rd. Be sure to ask your child what they did in the library.

Accelerated Reader is back this year. Details to come soon.

Mission Statement

The mission of the library media program at Meyer Elementary is to collaborate with teachers in enriching the curriculum so that students become lifelong learners who love reading and can evaluate and effectively use information from a variety of sources.

Goals and Vision

It is the goal and vision of Meyer's Library Media Program to:

  • Provide an attractive, welcoming environment.
  • Provide a well-organized and comprehensive collection that meets the needs of the faculty and student body.
  • Encourage collaboration between the media specialist and faculty to integrate information, media literacy, and technology skill into all curricular areas.
  • Maintain a collection that is continually assessed and plan steps for changes and improvements.
  • Insure that the media program and its services are meeting the needs of both the faculty and the students.

Library Activities

 The library sponsors two book fairs each year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring. The proceeds from these book fairs help to buy books and magazines for our school.