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UPDATED: College Board recognizes Lamar CISD students

Oct 20, 2016 | Community Relations
Terry’s Cole Jackson and George Ranch’s Grace Braun, Cara Coffman and Alexander Stockman are all National Merit Semifinalists.

About 16,000 students, or approximately one-third of the 50,000 high scorers, qualify as Semifinalists. To ensure that academically talented young people from all parts of the United States are included in this talent pool, Semifinalists are designated on a state-representational basis. They are the highest scoring entrants in each state. NMSC provides scholarship application materials to Semifinalists through their high schools. 

Terry’s Adrian Vela and George Ranch’s Elena Gehle, Elizabeth Lemkowitz, Jacob Liang, Michael Mpamaugo, Amelia Nelson, Tenzin Palkyi and Treeank Patnaik and Foster High School's Grace Delgado, Ornob Masud, Abdullah Mirza, Addison Savage and Andy Tran made the National Merit Commended list. 

Only about 34,000 student in the nation receive the Letters of Commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise.

George Ranch High School’s Alexander Benitez, Bryce Burckart, Isabella Cantu, Elena Gehle, Jacob Liang, Robert Lord and Alexander Stockman are being honored as part of the National Hispanic Recognition Program. Foster High School's Grace Delgado, Theresa Martinez, Kristen Rebeles, Jade Kanemitsu, Justin Garcia and Hannah Oman are also being honored in the Recognition Program, as is Terry’s Adrian Vela .

Every year, about 5,000 of the 250,000 Hispanic students taking the PSAT are recognized for their academic promise.

AlexanderStockman   Cara Coffman   jackson
Alexander Stockman       Cara Coffman             Cole Jackson

Grace Braun

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National Merit Commended:

Michael Mpamaugo, Treeank Patnaik, Cara Coffman, Elizabeth Lemkowitz, Tenzin Palkyi, Grace Braun, Amelia Nelson, Elena Gehle and Jacob Liang, Not pictured: Alexander Stockman

Andy Tran, Grace Delgado, Abdullah Mirza, Addison Savage, Ornob Masud


National Hispanic Recognition Program:

Alexander Benitez, Robert Lord, Isabella Cantu, Elena Gehle, Bryce Burckart and Jacob Liang Not pictured: Alexander Stockman


Justin Garcia, Jade Kanemitsu, Kristin Rebeles, Grace Delgado, Hannah Oman. Not pictured: Theresa Martinez. 

Adrian Vela