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Don't shhh us! It's Librarians Week!

Mar 27, 2018 | Community Relations

At its regular March meeting, the Lamar CISD Board of Trustees declared April 8-14 to be Librarians’ Week in Lamar CISD. Lamar CISD joins library patrons nationwide in celebrating the many ways librarians lead their communities through the transformative services, programs and expertise they offer.

Librarians are valuable members of the education team in Lamar CISD schools.

Campus librarians contribute to the education of all students in many ways that extend beyond their most recognizable function as the resource director for each campus.

School librarians serve as instructors for early literature appreciation and share their knowledge of literature as an important learning tool.

 School librarians provide information about additional instructional resources for teachers and students. Their assistance is especially important as students learn theresearch process as part of the learning process. School librarians are also important resource persons in curriculum development, textbook selection and reviewing instructional materials. Their knowledge of instructional technology and educational programs serves as an additional resource for students and staff.