In the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl across our area, Lamar CISD is canceling all summer school classes, programs, extracurricular activities, and practices scheduled for Wednesday, July 10 and Thursday, July 11. All locations will remain closed to students and staff on Wednesday, July 10, and Thursday, July 11. This closure will allow our maintenance teams to work efficiently and without interruptions, ensuring our schools are safe. We will welcome all staff and students on Monday, July 15.


A message from Dr. Thomas Randle regarding school safety

Feb 26, 2018 | Community Relations

I want the community to know that the safety of our students, staff and visitors remains our first priority in Lamar CISD.

I have received several questions about our plans and procedures and I wanted to share what we’re doing and what we’re going to do to keep safety at the forefront.

Right now, we have confidential procedures in place on every campus, which include individualized emergency response plans that are updated annually.

The administration and staff at every campus conducts multiple drills throughout the year to help prepare our students. These include: Lock-down, Lockout, Shelter in Place and Fire Drills. To learn more about what these drills look like, please click here

Every campus has a vestibule at the front entrance that provides pre-determined and monitored pathways for visitors.

Every campus also has multiple surveillance cameras monitoring both the building perimeter and interior.

As part of the District’s safety and security plan, Lamar CISD contracts with the Rosenberg Police Department. There are dedicated School Resource Officers (SROs) in our schools, allowing for quick and efficient response times. Some members of our SRO-Division are also on the SWAT team and they’re trained twice per month with alert and hostage situations. The SRO is also ALICE (Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) trained.

At all times, school district officials are coordinating with law enforcement, city, county and emergency response agencies to help ensure student and staff safety in Lamar CISD.

However, we also realize that as we grow as a school district, we need to continue to be proactive when it comes to school safety. That is why we’re in the process of creating a new School Safety Coordinator position in Lamar CISD. This individual will continue to ensure all campuses are following best practices in school safety and that all staff and students are prepared for any kind of emergency.

Keeping our schools safe will take all of us working together. I look forward to more conversations about this very important topic.

Dr. Thomas Randle
Superintendent of Schools