Lamar CISD honors employees for service

May 03, 2016 | Community Relations

Lamar CISD honored its own April 26 at the District’s annual Employee Banquet. 

Employees from every part of the District were honored for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and even 40 years of service.

20-year employees honored were:
20 years A

Bottom row -- Alice Gonzales, Elsa Villarreal and Gloria Arriaga; Row 2 -- Brenda Mendoza, Josephine Andrade and Lydia Rosilez; Row 3 -- Joann Mendoza, Tracey Sweeny, Deborah Mayes and Benjamin Perez; and Last row -- Luciano Rodriguez, Kimberly Warnasch, Melissa Fields, Loren Carver, Julia Worley, Brenda Mathis, Cheryl Pearce and Berkley Thomas.

25-year employees recognized included:
25 years A
Bottom row -- Debra Helbert, Diana Tamez and Rebecca Melendez; Row 2 -- Mary Peña, Catherine Barta and Charlene Tevis; Last row -- Sarah Koop, Jennifer Evans, Timothy Teykl and Suzanne Crippen.

30-year employees acknowledged include: 
30 years B
Bottom row -- Rebecca Geary and Cheryl Gonzales; Last row -- Jocelyn Payne and Thyra Williams.

35-year employees celebrated were Cynthia Preas, Janet Black and Isabel Leal.

35 years

Carolyn Berger topped off the evening by being celebrated for 40 years of service to the children of Lamar CISD.
40 years