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Volunteers: For all you do, this week is for you!

Apr 04, 2016 | Community Relations
Parent and family involvement in a child’s life is critical to their success as a student and when they become adults. 

Because of that, volunteering in Lamar CISD’s schools is one of the most important ways a parent can be involved in their child’s life. 

Volunteers don’t only help their own children, but are invaluable to our schools, teachers and students, by helping the District greatly extend and increase its resources.

April 18-22 is Public School Volunteer Appreciation Week in Lamar CISD. The goal of Appreciation Week is to call attention to the many volunteers in our schools and to show appreciation for the service they provide.

“The work done by our volunteers is so valuable in so many ways,” said Lamar CISD Superintendent Dr. Thomas Randle. “Not only are they providing support to our teachers and staff, but they are important role models to our students.”

More than 4,500 volunteers provide service to the students, teachers and staff of Lamar CISD.