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Thank a para, because they often do the work of a pair of professionals!

May 02, 2018 | Community Relations

At its April meeting, the Lamar CISD Board of Trustees approved a resolution proclaiming May 9, 2018 as Public School Paraprofessionals’ Day in the District.

The Texas Legislature passed HB 108, designating the second Wednesday in May as Paraprofessionals’ Day to recognize teacher aides and other assistants for their contribution to schools. 

Public school paraprofessionals are valuable members of educational teams, contributing in many ways beyond their most recognizable functions. Their assistance is vital in classrooms, gymnasiums, libraries, with special education students and more.

Public School Paraprofessionals also assist school personnel as trusted communicators with parents and community members. Their connection to the community aids in communication and fosters positive public relations. 

The Board of Trustees encourages all members of our staff and community to express appreciation to our public school paraprofessionals.