Athletic Department

Ticket Information


During football season you can purchase tickets for that week's game
either at the high school campus or the LCISD Athletic Office.  

Pre-Sale Tickets:

Pre-sale prices for games played at LCISD's Traylor Stadium are $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students.  

Pre-Sale tickets are available Monday to Friday at Noon at each campus.

Pre-Sale tickets are available at the LCISD Athletic Office until Noon on Friday for all LCISD games.

Game Time Tickets: 

All tickets purchased at the gate the night of the game will be $8.00.  There is no charge for children under 5 years of age.  

Contact LCISD Athletics at 832-223-0147 for additional information.



This offer excludes Varsity Football, Tournaments and Playoff games . . .

The Lamar CISD Athletic Department now offers an All Sports Ticket package for general admission, athletic events except Varsity Football.  Sports include junior high and sub-varsity football as well as all levels of volleyball, wrestling, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball and track. Get a 10-ticket package for $30.00 ($1.00 per game savings). These tickets are good at any LCISD high school or junior high regular athletic event only.

*No refunds for unused tickets

ALL SPORTS TICKETS are available Mon. - Fri.,   8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Lamar CISD Athletic Office, 1000 E. Stadium Dr., Rosenberg, TX  77471.

Contact LCISD Athletics at 832-223-0147 for additional information.

All Sports Ticket Package

$30 for 10 tickets - $3.00 per
game - Gen. Admission

All Sports Tournaments

$5.00 for Adults & Students

Varsity Football

Pre-sale $6 Adults / $4 Students
Gate price on day of game $8

Sub-Varsity Football

$4 Adults
$2 Students

All Other High School Sports

(Including: Volleyball, Basketball,
Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball,
Track, Tennis, Swimming and Golf)

$4 Adults
$2 Students

All Junior High School Sports

$4 Adults

$2 Students


LCISD Ticketing Policies

Tickets may be purchased with cash at the ticketing booth at each venue or at the LCISD Athletic office.  At this time we do not accept credit card payments.  

We are not able to accept bills larger than $20 at our ticket booths.

All LCISD Athletic venues follow a no re-entry policy.  Once you have left the facility you will have to purchase a ticket to re-enter.

LCISD is pleased to accept District 23-6A, 27-5A, THSCA, TGCA, THSADA, and LCISD Gold passes.  

LCISD employees will be granted free admission to athletic contests with their LCISD ID.