Orchestra 2017


Lamar CISD is offering Orchestra at the secondary level, beginning in Fall 2017. It will be offered to incoming middle school and junior high students. No previous experience is required for entry into this program. Students are taught the basic skills of playing an instrument and music reading. Students are placed on instruments by recommendation of the orchestra director. If possible, every effort is made to honor the student's instrument request. However, each orchestra director works to place students on instruments that provide the best opportunity for the individual success of the student and to balance the instrumentation of the orchestra program.

Please watch the promotional video below explaining the program.

To participate in orchestra, students will select violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students will need to provide their own violins, violas, and cellos. These instruments are available to be rented from several local music stores.

An instrument should not be obtained until the student has interviewed with the orchestra director.

Students in this program will perform 1-3 concerts per year. Some outside of-the-school day rehearsals are required to prepare for the concerts.

For information on orchestra, please email Mr. Scott Edenmeyer at