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CTE Coordinator
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Career and Technical Education Advisory Council

Mission Statement

This council will support high quality technical education for students of all levels by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses, offering council on the current and future labor markets to LCISD administration and by creating awareness of how Career and Technical Education positively impacts our local community.


In support of this council's mission statement we agree to adhere to the following operating philosophy:

  • We will operate with the highest degree of integrity.
  • We will work to compliment local municipalities efforts to attract new and dynamic businesses to this area.
  • We will always require student well-being and safety as the top priority.
  • We will support the Lamar CISD Career and Technical Education staff to the best of our ability.
  • We will provide unwavering dedication to the goal of producing the most employable graduates in Fort Bend County.


  • Advise the District in both long and short-range planning for Career and Technical Education programs,
  • Advise the District of current job needs and of the relevance of Career and Technical Education programs and courses offered by the District,
  • Provide a forum for recommending equipment and training so that Career and Technical Education can adequately meet its goals,
  • Encourage students to continue their education and preparation for a career beyond the high school level, and
  • Enhance political and community involvement and support for Career and Technical Education in our community and the state of Texas.

Code of Ethics:

  • As a member of the council, I will strive to improve public education and to that end I will:
  • Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings,
  • Base decisions on facts and not surrender to individual or special interest groups,
  • Seek systematic communication between the board, committee members and staff,
  • Avoid conflict of interest and refrain from using my position for personal or partisan gain,
  • Take no action that will compromise the board or school and respect the confidentiality of information, and
  • Remember always that my first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of the students attending public schools.


The leadership team for each year will be determined by a majority vote at the last scheduled board meeting for the year. The Chairperson must be elected from among those active advisory board members who have served for a full year during the current school year.


Members of the advisory council are to be presently engaged or connected with the workplace in a position directly related to a Career and Technical Education program offered by LCISD, be a community college representative, workforce representative, or be a student, former student or parent of a student. These members are to represent business, industry, and labor located within the District area or Southwest/West Houston corridor. They are to be interested and enthusiastic about Career and Technical Education and willing to invest time to serve adequately on the board.

Member Composition:

The Lamar CISD Career and Technical Education Advisory Council consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Co-Chairperson
  • Subcommittee Chairpersons' one per subcommittee
  • Members At Large in Council
  • HS counselor (1 per campus), representative from District's community relations office, CTE graduate, additional representation from area community colleges and business/industry as needed in subcommittees.
  • The CTE director and/or other CTE staff will serve as liaisons to the council. The CTE department secretary will serve as secretary for the council.


At least three general meetings of the council are to be held during the school year. These meetings are to be held in September, December and May. Notification of the meetings will be sent to members in the summer and also one week prior to the meeting date. The Chairperson may call special meetings as needed.


Advisory council will have a set of officers for the council and subcommittees. Potential members of the board are recommended by CTE staff and current Advisory members. Names of these individuals will be forwarded onto the Co-Chairperson.

Committees are formed district-wide, not by campus.

Leadership Responsibilities:

The Council Chairperson will serve a term of one year as the principal leader of the council. They will also serve one additional year after their term in an advisory capacity to the new chairperson. Their responsibilities associated with this position include:

  • Work to follow the mission statement, philosophy and goals associated with the Council,
  • Communicate with CTE office on educational goals and district priorities,
  • Work with the CTE director to set direction for the council,
  • Work with CTE director and CTE department secretary on meeting agendas,
  • Work with the Co-chairperson on membership and organization of council,
  • Work with CTE director to ensure that program evaluations are distributed to Council members at the December meeting and turned in by the April meeting,
  • Work with the Co-Chairperson to summarize reports from Subcommittee Chairpersons, and
  • Work with Co-Chairperson and Subcommittee Chairpersons on district or educational updates.

The Council Co-Chairperson will serve for one year under the Council Chairperson and will then take on the duties and responsibilities noted above of the Council's Chairperson. The responsibilities associated with this position include:

  • Work with the Chairperson to further the mission, goals and philosophy of the Council,
  • Meet with prospective new members so there is a clear understanding of the goals and direction of the Council,
  • Work with the Subcommittee Chairperson to assist new members in their role as a subcommittee member
  • The Subcommittee Chairperson will serve in this position as long as the subcommittee determines. The role of this position is to seek to improve the program areas by:
  • Prioritizing subcommittee initiatives,
  • Becoming familiar with current courses and programs offered in the program area,
  • Visit or observe a minimum of two (2) hours per program site.
  • Coordinate members so instructional observations are completed prior to general Council meetings,
  • Provide feedback to teachers in regard to quality and efficacy of the program and its' relevance to current business practices,
  • Work with teachers toward a shared vision for the program's future,
  • Serve as a resource person for teachers/students by sharing your expertise in the field and a guest speaker if needed,
  • Provide leadership for reviewing the program and actively facilitating the process,
  • Present the findings at the May meeting of the Council, and
  • Assist Subcommittee members so they observe a minimum of one (1) hour per program site.

Advisory Council Program Information

Advisory Council Program Information

CTE Advisory Council Members

Shazia Arif – Council Co-Chairperson
KRB Dentistry, Marketing Manager
5110 Avenue H
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 832-595-0022
C 713-530-7429

Dr. Kauser Bari
KRB Dentistry
5110 Avenue H
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 832-595-0022

Gilbert Barrera
Houston Methodist Hospital
Education Department
16655 SW Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Adam Bartling
Mike Davis Signs
1700 Walger Ave #A
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 713-301-0007

Kori Bowen
Director of New Dual Enrollment Initiatives
26705 SW Freeway
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 346-239-3411

Teena Caldwell
Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors and Gifts
2250 Lone Star
Sugar Land, TX 77479
P 713-898-2686

Dr. David Chau
Evolutionary Eye Care
19875 SW Frwy, Suite 180
Sugar Land, TX 77479
P 281-545-4901

Sheeba Datta
OakBend Medical Center
1705 Jackson Street
Richmond, TX 77469

Nichelle Everett
Director of Pharmacy
Houston Methodist Sugarland Hospital
16655 SW Frwy
Sugarland, TX 77469
P 281-274-7045

Mary Fuglaar 
P 281-460-6957   

Erma Hart
Attorney at Law
Program Director, Paralegal Studies
5333 FM 1640
Richmond, TX  77469
P 281-239-1555

Marcia Holmes, Council Chairperson
Gurecky Manufacturing
2420 3rd Street
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 281-238-6611

Andrew Lara
Rooms To Go
30701 Miller Road
Brookshire, TX 77423
P 281-375-3506

David Leal
Rosenberg Police Department
2120 4th Street
Rosenberg, TX. 77471
P 835-595-3700
LCISD P# 832-347-4799

Ray Lehrmann
1831 Runaway Scrape Ct.
Richmond, TX 77406
P 281-342-3660 home
C 832-363-7179

Debbie Lutringer
911 Boling Highway
Wharton, Texas 77488
P 979-532-6363 

Barbara Lynn
5333 FM 1640
Richmond, TX 77469
P 281-239-1556

Marray S. Mbayo
LCISD-food Service
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Ellen Maxey
438 Little Walnut Dr.
Richmond, TX 77469
P 713-443-4659

Dr. Anith Pillai
Evolutionary Eye Care
19875 SW Frwy, Suite 180
Sugar Land, TX 77479
P 281-545-4901

Natalie Pittman
5333 FM 1640
FBTC 140
Richmond, TX 77469
P 281-239-1533

James E. Reeder
Rosenberg, TX 77471
OFFICE: (281) 239-7733
FAX: (281) 239-7799
CELL: (713) 806-0249

Danny Roach
Richmond Police Department
600 Preston Street
Richmond, TX 77469
P 817-542-3806

Keith Swallers
Director of Operations
Si Environmental
6420 Reading RD
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 832-490-1500 C 832-435-2376

Richard Vacek
7719 Shadyway Dr.
Sugar Land, Texas 77488
P 281-545-9868 C 713-865-3390

Randy Weishiemer
Rosenberg Police Department
2120 4th Street
Rosenberg, TX. 77471
P 832-595-3700
LCISD Cell 832-471-9085

Brooke Williams
Lead Instructor
Welding and Precision Machining Programs
TSTC-Fort Bend

Tara Zekavat
Wharton Co. Jr College
26706 SW Freeway
Rosenberg, TX 77471
P 832-588-6003

Associate Members

Thomas Randle Ed.D
Lamar CISD
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 832-223-0110

Leslie Haack
Lamar CISD
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 832-223-0123

Mike Rockwood
Lamar CISD
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 832-223-0330

Joel Garrett, CTE Director
Lamar CISD
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 832-223-0128

Mike Greenwood
1901 Laurel Oaks Dr
Richmond, TX 77469
P 281-341-8437 C 713-825-9412

Becky Guntle
LCISD CTE Department, Secretary
3911 Ave I
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
P 832-223-0128  F 832-22-0201