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Board Reports

The documents listed below are the most recent documents available. Older board agenda books are available by filling out Public Information Request Form and submitting it to the LCISD Community Relations Department.

2018 Board Reports

11-15-18 Board ReportPDF141.26 KB Download
10-18-18 Board ReportPDF138.68 KB Download
09-20-18 Board ReportPDF134.38 KB Download
08-16-18 Board ReportPDF136.94 KB Download
06-21-18 Board ReportPDF236.47 KB Download
05-17-18 Board ReportPDF102.23 KB Download
04-19-18 Board ReportPDF101.93 KB Download
03-22-18 Board ReportPDF101.26 KB Download
02-15-18 Board ReportPDF98.52 KB Download
01-23-18 Board ReportPDF97.67 KB Download

2017 Board Reports 

12-21-17 Board ReportPDF101.96 KB Download
11-16-17 Board ReportPDF99.64 KB Download
10-19-17 Board ReportPDF97.42 KB Download
09-21-17 Board ReportPDF97.66 KB Download
08-17-17 Board ReportPDF102.33 KB Download
06-13-17 Board ReportPDF143.65 KB Download
05-18-17 Board ReportPDF105.98 KB Download
04-20-17 Board ReportPDF126.60 KB Download
03-24-17 Board ReportPDF125.71 KB Download
02-16-17 Board ReportPDF183.75 KB Download
01-19-17 Board ReportPDF124.81 KB Download

2016 Board Reports

12-15-16 Board ReportPDF124.32 KB Download
11-17-16 Board ReportPDF125.32 KB Download
10-20-16 Board ReportPDF126.32 KB Download
09-15-16 Board ReportPDF127.67 KB Download
08-18-16 Board ReportPDF126.19 KB Download
07-21-16 Board ReportPDF126.72 KB Download
06-14-16 Board ReportPDF125.76 KB Download
05-19-16 Board ReportPDF141.56 KB Download
04-21-16 Board ReportPDF173.50 KB Download
03-24-16 Board ReportPDF142.05 KB Download
02-18-16 Board ReportPDF208.80 KB Download
01-21-16 Board ReportPDF108.63 KB Download

2015 Board Reports

12-17-15 Board ReportPDF111.76 KB Download
11-19-15 Board ReportPDF108.72 KB Download
10-15-15 Board ReportPDF108.64 KB Download
09-17-15 Board ReportPDF108.94 KB Download
08-20-15 Board ReportPDF110.63 KB Download
07-23-15 Board ReportPDF111.08 KB Download
06-18-15 Board ReportPDF110.52 KB Download
05-21-15 Board ReportPDF92.75 KB Download
04-14-15 Board ReportPDF160.32 KB Download
03-19-15 Board ReportPDF99.71 KB Download
02-19-15 Board ReportPDF160.48 KB Download
01-15-15 Board ReportPDF97.86 KB Download

2014 Board Reports

12-18-14 Board ReportPDF98.46 KB Download
11-20-14 Board ReportPDF105.40 KB Download
10-16-14 Board ReportPDF105.79 KB Download
09-18-14 Board ReportPDF107.41 KB Download
06-17-14 Board ReportPDF113.31 KB Download
05-15-14 Board ReportPDF143.84 KB Download
04-15-14 Board ReportPDF71.00 KB Download
03-20-14 Board ReportPDF115.96 KB Download
02-20-14 Board ReportPDF114.18 KB Download
01-16-14 Board ReportPDF172.40 KB Download

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Upcoming Board Meetings

School Board Meeting

Feb 15, 2018

Start Time
07:00 PM

End Time
09:00 PM

Brazos Crossing
3911 Avenue I
Rosenberg ,TX

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A LCISD Board Meeting is to be held on February 15th, 2018 starting at 7:00 p.m.