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Ray 3rd-grader takes crown at HLSR Art Show

Mar 08, 2016 | Community Relations
brown and castrillion

Jeremiah Castrillon and Lynnette Brown

Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo is a time for students to show off the animals they have raised.

Or, in the case of Ray Elementary 3rd-grader Jeremiah Castrillon, the animal he drew.

Castrillion’s work, a chalk and glue relief, titled “The Bright Chicken,” was named Elementary Champion at this year’s HLSR Art Show. Prior to being shown at the Rodeo, Castrillon’s chicken earned Best of Show in the Elementary Student category at the Lamar CISD HLSR Art Show.

“I know he was in shock when his name was announced,” said Lynnette Brown, the art teacher at Ray Elementary. “He could barely lift the trophy.”

Brown said Castrillon’s work is a product of a “guided” process. She first led the students through a step-by-step method. Then the students did the same picture, but received little or no direction. 

“That’s when the student’s character comes through,” she said.

Brown said Castrillion has a gift and has seen the same gift in his brothers.

“Using the entire space available is a difficult concept,” she said. “Jeremiah does a great job of understanding how to use space.”

“I talk to them about the elements of art, getting the students to focus on using the entire space, recognizing the math shapes that are present,” she said. “I also talk to them about colors, shades, tints and the other elements of design.”