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Lamar CISD's Mail Center Supervisor honored

Oct 02, 2015 | Community Relations
Margaret Leger

The U.S. Postal Service’s Postal Customer Council has named Lamar CISD’s Mail Center Supervisor Margaret Leger as the 2015 Mail Center Manager of the Year for the Houston area.
The award was presented at the National Postal Customer Council Day event held Sept. 22.

“I am so excited that you were nominated and received the Mail Center Manager of the Year,” wrote Jean Lovejoy, who was the Post Master for the Houston area until recently. “Your leadership has been outstanding and your attitude and willingness to step in and do what it takes to get things done has been noticed. 

“You walk and live by the mission statement you created for the Mail Center,” Lovejoy continued, “that states ‘(Lamar CISD) Mail Services is committed to providing a variety of postal services, including delivery of interoffice and U.S. Mail, managing of mail center, mail forwarding, bulk mailings, package and courier service and postage metering to the Lamar CISD Community.  The Mail Center also acts as the Lamar CISD liaison with the United States Postal Services.  We are dedicated to providing excellent service and consultation to support Lamar CISD communications throughout its campuses and across the community.’ I am truly honored that you were selected for this award and you truly deserve it. Houston PCC is privileged to have you on their team.”