Science Olympiad brings out the fun in Science

Feb 11, 2014 | Community Relations

Not all Olympiads feature questionable facilities and dangerous events on ice and snow.

But the competitors are no less dedicated.

Lamar CISD’s annual Science Olympiad featured 613 students from each of the District’s 21 elementary schools. The official counts showed 107 coaches, 86 campus helpers, 41 judges, six officials and 101 student helpers took part in Saturday’s competition, held at Reading Junior High.

“The idea is to foster a love of Science,” said Lamar CISD Science Specialist Suzanne Welch. “Science is fun and this helps our kids see that.”

Welch said it also helps prepare students for science competitions in higher grades.

Competitions included:

  • Aerodynamics, which involves the construction and flight of paper airplanes;

  • Circuit Wizadry, which involves a written test and building a continuity tester;

  • Clay Boats, involving the construction of boats from clay and then loading the boats with weight until they sink;

  • Egg Drop, with teams constructing a package to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped from a staircase;

  • No Bones About It, with teams identify various human bones; and

  • Paper Rockets, with students building and launching (with a straw and a big breath of air) paper rockets.