Field Day

Nov 03, 2023

Start Time
09:30 AM

End Time
02:00 PM

Campbell Elementary

We want to extend an invitation to our parents to join us on Field Day on Friday, November 3, 2023. Students will be involved in playing various recreational games. All parents, whether you are a visitor or volunteer, must have a badge pre-printed from the front office in order to attend student activities. To have a badge pre-printed, you must have your driver's license scanned. If you or a family member visiting or volunteering on Field Day has not yet visited our campus this year, you must bring your driver's license to the front office to be scanned before Field Day. If you do not have your driver's license scanned ahead of time, please understand that you will wait until all pre-scanned volunteers and visitors have received their badge before you are assisted. To bypass this wait time, please come in and get this done beforehand to get a "Fast Pass".

Also, you may not sign up multiple family members under one name on the volunteer or visit links. The reason you are not permitted to do this is because all visitors and volunteers must have their own badge as the previous paragraph states. If you are one of the people, especially on the visitor link that has done this, please go back and register each family member visiting individually. This is the only way the front office can print you a badge. Please do this ASAP

Your support with our safety procedures on Field Day not only greatly helps our front office staff maintain control of wait time and crowds, but allows you quick, hassle-free entry. Again, if you do not register your visiting or volunteering members individually, and/or do not have their driver's license pre-scanned, you will wait until all other register and pre-scanned visitors and volunteers have been issued their badge before you are assisted.

Field Day Visitor Times:

Session 1 - Grades 3-5   9:30-11:00am / Visitors 10:30-11:00

Session 2 - Grades K-2   12:30-2:00pm / Visitors 1:30-2:00


Use this link to pre-register each family member who will be visiting towards the end of our field day for pictures -  No siblings under the age of 18 are permitted to attend our field day.


If you wish to volunteer the hour and a half, please click on this link -

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