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Ms. Ashley Couey


Published on 9/12/2014

Students will use their usernames and passwords that they have previously created to sign up for Science Edmodo.  Once you are logged into Edmodo, you need to sign up with the Science 6th grade group under Mrs. Wood's name.  Please use the following username and password.

Username: WMSscience
Password:  f3pg24

Remind 101 Sign Up

Published on 9/4/2014

To sign up for Science reminders please follow these steps:

1.  Create a new contact in your phone titled:  Couey Science
2.  Enter the phone number:  469-331-4248
3.  Send the following text to the above number:  @coueys

I will send out reminders throughout the year about projects, tests, quizzes, and homework.  This number will not receive texts or calls, it is just for me to send reminders.  When you first sign up for Remind 101 you should receive a message saying welcome to Couey Science.

Scope and Sequence

Published on 9/4/2014

WMS 6th Grade Science Scope and Sequence


1st 9 Weeks Science Units



Lab Safety & Equipment



Scientific Method



Properties of Matter

Metals, Non-Metals, Metalloids

Periodic Table

Elements, Compounds, Chemical Formulas

Chemical & Physical Changes



2nd 9 Weeks Science Units




Earth’s Layers and Processes

Tectonic Plates



Classifying Rocks



Thermal Energy – Heat Transfer



Solar System- Mass & Weight, Celestial Objects, Space Exploration





3rd 9 Weeks Science Units



Potential and Kinetic Energy


Force & Motion




Calculating and graphing Speed



Simple machines



4th 9 Weeks Science Units




Forms of Energy, Transformations, Sources


Unit #12

Ecology- Abiotic & Biotic, Levels of Organization, Trophic Levels






Classification of Organisms



Welcome Letter

Published on 9/4/2014

August 2014                                                                    6th Grade Science

                                                                                        Policies, Procedures, & Routines

Dear Parents & Students,

    Welcome to sixth grade Science!  I am glad that you are here.  We have a year full of wonderful learning experiences headed our way.  I want you to feel as comfortable as possible in this class, so I want to share with you the classroom routines, policies, and procedures.  Please note that additional policy information is located in the student handbook, and all handbook policy applies to this classroom as well.


Beginning of Class:

  1.  Once you have entered the classroom, you may not leave. Please take care of all of your personal needs (restroom, water, etc.) before entering the classroom.
  2. Upon entering the room, sharpen pencils, get needed materials, and promptly sit down in your seat. You may not wander around the room.
  3. All pencils must be sharpened before the bell rings. It is suggested that you have more than one sharpened pencil. A hand-held sharpener may also be used.
  4. Please keep your backpack and all other materials not in use under your desk.
  5. Write down the daily objective and homework in your agenda. Then complete the warm-up activity.


During Class: 

  1. Bring all necessary materials to class each day:Science Journal, sharpened pencils, blue or black ink pen, red pen, notebook paper, and science folder.
  2. Remain seated during class unless you are instructed otherwise.If you need to leave your seat, please raise your hand and ask for permission.Hold onto all trash until the end of the period; you may throw it away as you are dismissed.
  3. No one may leave the classroom without permission and a pass.Only one student may leave the class at a time.Remember, when you are out of the classroom you are missing out on instruction and learning opportunities.Only ask to leave class to handle emergency situations or situations that absolutely cannot wait until the next passing period.
  4. You are expected to be an active learner while in the classroom.Each student is expected to actively participate, ask questions, complete and turn in assignments on time, and do his/her best at all times.
  5. If you have questions, please ask me.I can’t help you if you don’t tell me you don’t understand.
  6. It is your responsibility to get all of your assignments turned in on time.
  7. Assignments that are not turned in at the time they are due are considered late and will be subject to the district late work penalty policy.Please see the student handbook for details.
  8. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for your make-up work and turn it in to me.Do not leave it on my desk.Please see the student handbook for details.
  9. All assignments need to be completed in pencil or blue or black ink.No pieces or parts of the paper should be torn or missing.Assignments not following this rule will be returned to be copied over.
  10. All assignments should include a complete heading:



    FIRST & LAST NAME                                           DATE                                       PERIOD


                                        TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT



  11. Extra credit assignments are not offered as part of this class.
  12. If you finish your assigned work early, you are expected to work on any unfinished assignments or to read silently in your independent reading book until you are given further instructions.
  13. Grades will be determined according to the district grading policy.Please refer to the student handbook for detailed information.
  14. You are expected to follow the classroom rules listed below:


BE SAFE.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Do not run, push, or shove others.  Do not throw items in the classroom.


BE RESPECTFUL.  Please keep all unnecessary or unkind comments to yourself.  Listen attentively when the teacher or other students are speaking.


BE RESPONSIBLE.  Bring all of your necessary materials to class each day.  Get to class on time.  Complete and turn in all assignments on time.


BE YOUR BEST.  Give your best full effort every day.


Consequences:  verbal warning, conference with student, parent contact, or office referral.


Rewards:  verbal praise, classroom privileges, or patio pass.


End of Class:


  1. I will let you know when it is time to begin gathering your materials for dismissal.Do not begin packing up until I tell you to do so.
  2. The bell is a signal for ME that it is time for class to end.When the bell rings, you need to wait for me to dismiss you before you get up to leave.
  3. You are responsible for leaving your assigned area clean and orderly.If you fail to do so, you will be asked to come back and clean up, push in your chair, or straighten your area.This may result in a “tardy” for your next class.
  4. Please walk in a calm and orderly manner when exiting the classroom.


Additional Information:


  1. When there are visitors in the classroom, you are expected to be on your best behavior.Continue working on your assignment or wait silently if I am interrupted during a lesson.
  2. During an emergency drill, please be silent, look at me, and listen for my directions.If we must leave the classroom or assigned area, follow me quickly, silently, and with walking feet.
  3. If I am absent and you have a substitute teacher, you are expected to treat him/her with respect at all times.Follow the directions that you are given, and be on your best behavior.


Once again, welcome to class!  Let’s make this an awesome year of learning!


              Science Department Teacher Emails

Ashley Couey:    acouey@lcisd.org              Jennifer Irving:      jirving@lcisd.org

Elena Lang:        elang@lcisd.org                Candice Woods:   cdwoods@lcisd.org

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