Campus Phone: 832-223-2500

About Travis Elementary

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build relationships within our Travis community and develop a lifelong love of learning in a safe and inclusive environment by discovering creative passions and joy in students through real life experiences.

Travis students, staff and community will collaborate to provide a safe environment for all. We will set high expectations by creating experiences that cultivate lifelong learning, compassion and growth to achieve student success.

Travis Motto

"Travis, where the best get better!"

Travis Elementary Administrative Team

Principal Shweta Khade 832-223-2500
Assistant Principal Lisa Enriquez
Administrative Assistant Erika Hernandez 832-223-2503
Counselor Tien Davis 832-223-2505
Clerk Sandra McNeal
Nurse Veronica Felan de Torres 832-223-2506
Librarian Rachael Swinney 832-223-2507