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Ms. Shanna Wenzel

Diagnostic Writing

Published on 8/1/2016

On Tuesday, August 23, you will be assigned a diagnostic writing task over ONE summer reading novel of your choice. 

Teacher Profile

Ms. Shanna Wenzel
English Teacher Hs

Howdy! I am Shanna Wenzel, a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M in College Station. I am proud to say that this will be my 13th year teaching at Terry High School. I am a Ranger Fan, a Ranger Advocate, and I truly believe that the kids at Terry High School are the BEST kids in the district and that Terry High School is where I am supposed to be.

Currently, I teach Senior English IV Advanced Placement Literature and Composition and Sophomore English II Pre Advanced Placement.

In my classroom, I strive to provide a fair and consistent (and fun!) learning environment where I implement the curriculum with rigor and high expectations. I am here to help your child become successful in the classroom, and along the way teach them reason and life lessons to help them become a successful, respected individuals when they graduate.




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