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Published on 10/16/2016

Service Cord is a Volunteer Organization that gives time and energy to serve the surrounding communities. The program is meant to teach students about responsibility, accountability, selflessness, being appreciative and being appreciated, and being able to give to those in need. 

If you are interested in Service Cord, you will need the following information:

You are required 160 hours of time served throughout the course of your four years in high school. Unless you have transferred from a school that did not offer a volunteer program, you will still be responsible for the same amount of hours regardless of what year you started serving.

Hours will be denied if they was not a true "need" in the community. For example, serving cookies at your parent's Christmas party or helping a teacher grade papers will be denied.​ Also, you are giving your TIME to the community, not donations. If you are unsure if your service will be denied or approved, either email me or come see me during the school day in room 414.

  All hours need to be logged into the program X2Vol, a service and volunteer program that is linked through Naviance. You must input your organizer's email so they can verify your hours. X2Vol sends an automated email; it is the student's responsibility to make sure the verification email is completed. Hours will not be approved without verification. The hospital and the Special Olympics are the only two organizations that will still be accepted through a paper form; the student needs to stop by my room PRIOR to serving those hours to pick up the paper forms.

Graduating seniors MUST have 160 hours logged by 5/5, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Hours served after  the 15th of May are considered "summer hours" and will not be approved until September 15 of the following school year.

All posts concerning Service Cord will be made under the "advisory class". Any other information will be posted here, you may also email me at 


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Welcome to English II. This is my second year at Terry High School and I have a Bachelor's degree in English from Texas State University. I am also the sponsor of the Poetry & Prose Club and Service Cord.

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