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B.F. Terry High School Library

The library is currently closed due to the county Covid Level -Red

Hours: 7:40-4:15
Open late upon request

Phone: 832-223-3423

 Librarian:  Lisa Rose
Please email Mrs. Rose if you have any questions or concerns. 


At this time, the library is unavailable for student use due to the county Covid Level.  
Students may email documents that need to be printed to Mrs. Rose ( and they will be printed and delivered.
Books may be placed on hold by logging in to Classlink and choosing Destiny Discover.  Books will be delivered to classrooms or may be picked up in the front office by virtual students.  Virtual students will get an email to their school email letting them know that the items are ready for pick up. At this time students may check out 3 books at a time for a 3 week period.  No fees or fines are assessed until 30 days after the due date. 

When you need to use a computer, make a copy, or check out a book, stop by the library.  There are over 20 computers available before and after school and approximately 19,000 books available for your use! Many popular series titles are available and suggestions for new books are always welcomed. 

Students may check out 2 books at a time for 2 weeks as long as they have no overdue books or fines.  Fines are assessed at $0.10 per school day after the due date and accumulate daily until the book is returned.  Students are reminded of overdue materials via email or by paper notice through their English teacher. If a book is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for the cost of the book; late fees are waived upon payment for the book. 

Audio books, playaways, MP3 players (loaded with popular titles), and laptop computers are all available for students to borrow.  Students must sign a responsibility form before checking out some of these items.  

We also have a makerspace area which includes coloring pages, puzzles, games, sticker mosaics, makey makey, keva planks, and legos just to name a few.  Makerspace backpacks are also available, email Mrs. Rose if you would like to check one out. 

School supplies are available for students to purchase including posters, blue books, folders, spirals, binders, and paper.

Students can print from any computer in the library to the library printer.  There is no charge for printing school work, however students should manage the number of pages they print. Personal printing costs $0.10 per page...this includes lyrics, guitar chords, invitations, fliers, etc. that are not for a class assignment.  

The acceptable use policy in the student handbook gives rules and regulations for students using the school computers.  If a student is found using a proxy server to access inappropriate sites, they may lose computer access privileges for as long as the entire school year.  

The library has a Canvas page that  should be on your Canvas dashboard.  If you don't see it, contact Mrs. Rose.  Library information as well as virtual makerspace and author events are available there. 

A library Facebook Page (B.F. Terry Library) has been set up.  You will find book trailers (like movie trailers but these are for books) and library information here. 

Library pages have been set up (on the left tool bar) that include all of our resources.  If something you need is not here, send an email ( ) or stop by the library for assistance. 

The library is a very popular area of the school and all students are invited to use the computers, look at magazines, check out books, put together puzzles, play games  or just hang out with friends and do homework. 

If you need to do research, click on Student Resources on the left to go to the databases.  If you need to find a book in the library click on Library Catalogs


"If words remain words and sit quietly on the page, if they remain nouns and verbs and adjectives, then we are truly blind. But if words seem to disappear and our innermost self begins to laugh and cry, to sing and dance and finally to fly...if we are transformed in all that we are, to a brand new world, then and only then can we read."-Joe Wayman