1621 Place Learning Center

117 Lane Drive Suite #14
Rosenberg, Texas 77471

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Diploma Program 
Rebound Program 

Night Program 


1621 Place is a program of choice offered to all Lamar CISD high school students who qualify and wish to attend.   Students who are interested in one of the two programs are admitted through an application process started with their home high school counselor.  Selection criteria includes (but is not limited to) state testing status, credits, and attendance history. Students stay enrolled on their home high school campus and when they graduate, will have the opportunity to walk with their high school class. Diplomas are awarded by the home campus.  1621’s design is that of a self-paced academic center that assists students to learn, grow, and become successful members of the community. 

As of 2006, 1621 Place is no longer an option for GED.  These programs are ONLY offered to current LCISD students pursuing their high school diploma.



The admission review committee looks at all factors of an applicant's educational history and current situation to determine if 1621 Place is the best fit for that student. Examples include (but are not limited to), disciplinary records, attendance records, state testing status, personal situations, credits earned, and current reading ability. Interested students see their high school counselor as soon as possible to fill out an application. Students who have the basic qualifications are automatically put on the 1621 waitlist.  When spots become available, the next qualifying applicant will be contacted to set up an interview and finish the application process.


Diploma Program
The Diploma Program consists of students who are closer to graduation; qualifying students will have earned a minimum of 12 credits. Students attend school at 1621 from 8am until 12pm and do not have classes at their home campus.

Rebound Program
Students who are in the Rebound Program attend classes at their home campus in the morning and come to 1621 Place from 12:30pm until 3:30pm.  This option is great for students who have more requirements to complete for graduation or who are involved in activities on their home campus.  This program is open to students in the 9th -12th grades.

Night School Program
The Night Program consist of students who need a more flexible school schedule due to work or family obligations. Students attend classes Monday through Friday from 4:30pm until 8:30pm. 

1621 Place Administration and Staff

Randal Donnell
Special Sites Principal

Lamar CISD_Randal Donnell_Special Sites
Schultz cropped

Rebecca Schultz
Special Sites Assistant Principal

Wendy Bradford
Night School Principal


Marci Macha

Lorena Torres
Administrative Assistant

Rosalie Galvan
Dip/RB Attendance

Patricia Kibbey
Night Attendance

Joe Talas
Dip/RB Science

Kim Whichard
Diploma/Rebound Math
Night Teacher

Gene Eubanks
Dip/RB ELA/History

Gayle Armendarez
Night Teacher

Randal Colbert
Night Teacher

Daphne Colbert
Night Teacher