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Summer Is Around the Corner!

Published on 5/28/2018

I can't believe school is almost out for the summer! I have enjoyed getting to know all of my Pandas and will miss you! I hope all of you have an AWESOME summer and have a great 2018-19 school year!

Suggestions for the Summer Break:

*continue to review naming letters and telling letter sounds

*sight words

*counting by rote to 100 and counting objects

*name numerals 0-30+

*color/color words

*shapes/shape words

**Please read the information on your child's checklist that will be coming home with him/her on the last day of school, Thursday, June 7, with their report card, because I added other suggestions for you to work on with your child during the summer break!

**Always read to your child for 20 minutes daily and ask him/her questions about the story and/or have your child retell the story to you. You can also, let your child read the story by talking about pictures for him/her to build his/her oral language and vocabulary skills.

Thank you for all your support throughout the 2017-18 school year! I couldn't do my job without your continued support!


Mrs. Acosta

New Things to Work on With Your Child!

Published on 4/7/2018

4th 9 Weeks Themes:

     *Earth and It's Resources/Recycling




*Language Arts Concepts:

     -use some letter sound correspondence using beginning and ending sounds when writing

     -use or notice punctuation in writing

     -describe, relate, categorize, or compare and contrast information learned from books

     -separate normally spoken four word sentence into individual words

     -use complex sentences to communicate more than one idea at a time

     -produce a word that begins with same sound as a given pair of words

     -recognize 20 letter sounds

     -produce correct sound for 20 letters

     -name 20 upper case letters

     -name 20 lower case letters


*Math Concepts:

     -rote count 1-30

     -recognize one-digit numerals 0-9

     -counts 1-10 items, with one count per item

     -use concrete models for subtracting 0-5 objects from a set

     -demonstrate use of location words (over/under/above/on/beside/between/in front/near/far)

     -use informal strategies to separate up to 10 items equally

     -identify, name, and describe common shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)


*Science Concepts:

     -identify, compare, and discuss earth materials and their properties and uses

     -discuss the importance of caring for our environment and our planet-green practices

     -identify, observe, and discuss object in the sky

     -observe, discuss, and record seasonal changes in their environment


*Social Studies Concepts:

     -demonstrate that all people need food, clothing, and shelter

     -identify common features in their immediate environment

     -explore geography tools and resources such as globes and maps

     -connect life to events, time, and routines such as how recycling impacts the earth


**Please remember to:

      *Read to your child 20 minutes daily and ask him/her questions about the story and/or have your child retell the story to you. You can also, let them read the story by talking about the pictures for them to build their vocabulary skills.

Things To Work On With Your Child!

Published on 2/23/2018

3rd 9 Weeks Themes:

     * Animals/Habitats/Life Cycles

     * Insects

     * Plants


*Language Arts Concepts:

  -write own name (first name) using legible letters in proper sequence

  -independently use letters to make words or parts of words

  -use plural nouns appropriately

  -use regular past tense verbs with subject-verb agreement

  -produce 15 letter sounds

  -recognize 15 letter sounds

  -names 15 upper case letters

  -names 15 lower case letters


*Math Concepts:

  -rote count 1-20

  -use verbal ordinal terms 1st-5th

  -identify, name, and describe common shapes (circle, square, triangle)

  -count up to 10 items and demonstrate the last count indicates how many

  -verbally identify the number of objects in a set 1-5 without counting 

  -collect data and organize it in a graphic representation

  -use concrete models for adding up to 5 objects


*Science Concepts:

  -compare differences and similarities of animals

  -describe characteristics and differences between living and non-living

  -observe and discuss life cycles of organisms

  -recognize, observe, and discuss the relationship of organisms to their habitat


*Social Studies Concepts:

  -discuss important non-holiday events; field trips/classroom daily schedule/fire drills

  -identify the Texas flag

  -identify features in local landscape: houses, buildings, streets

  -create a representation of home, school, or community through drawings or blocks


Check-Out What We Are Working On!

Published on 11/15/2017

2nd 9 Weeks Themes:


*Multicultural Celebrations

*Wants and Needs


*Language Arts Concepts

-Make inferences and predictions about text

-Ask and respond to questions relevant to the text read aloud

-Distinguish between elements of print (ex. letters/words/pictures)

-Name 10 upper case letters

-Name 10 lower case letters

-Follow 2-step oral directions and on occasion follow 3-step oral directions

-Recognize 5 letter sounds

-Recognize rhyming words

-Produce correct sounds for 10 letters

-Share class made and/or individual written product


*Math Concepts

-Rote count 1-15

-Combine shapes to make real world items

-Sort same and different objects into groups and use language to describe groups

-Recognize and create patterns

-Count up to 5 items and demonstrate that the last count indicates how many

-Use informal strategies to separate up to 4 items into equal groups

-Identity, name, and describe common shapes: circle and square


 *Science Concepts:

-Demonstrate an understanding that people need food/water/air/shelter

-Use simple measuring devices to learn about objects; scale for light/heavy

-Sort, group or classify objects based on 1 or more properties: soft/hard, light/heavy

-Observe and describe what happens during changes in the earth and sky; temperature


*Social Studies Concepts:

-Demonstrate respect for classmates and country during the pledge

-Participate in activities as a consumer, pretend

-Explain family celebrations

-Engage in voting as a method of group decision-making


*Please remember to:

*Read to your child for 20 minutes daily and ask him/her questions about the story.

Welcome To The Panda Class!

Published on 9/2/2017

1st 9 Weeks Themes:

     *Exploring My School Community

     *All About Me

     *Family and Friends

     *Community Helpers


*Language Arts Concepts:

      -​Shows understanding by responding appropriately to verbal directions

      -Follows 2-step oral directions

      -Intentionally uses marks, letters, or symbols to record language and verbally shares meaning

      -Engages in pre-reading and reading related activities, such as holds a book right side up, turns pages, verbalizes while looking at pictures on the pages

       -Uses language for different purposes, such as asking for help or conveying feelings

       -Uses a wide variety of words to label and describe people, places, things, and actions

       -Names 10 letters (either upper or lower case)


*Math Concepts:

       -Uses words to rote count from 1-10

       -Sorts objects that are same and different into groups

       -Identifies, names, and describes common shapes, including circle

       -Recognizes and compares heights or lengths of people or objects

       -Creates an AB pattern


*Science Concepts:

       -Demonstrates the importance of caring for our environment, such as turning off water after washing hands, using 1 or 2 paper towels, putting trash in trashcan

       -Describes and discusses the position and motion of objects

       -Describes, observes and investigates properties and characteristics of common objects


*Social Studies Concepts:

        -Identifies the United States flag

        -Participates in a discussion of similarities and differences of self and their peers

        -Identifies similarities and differences of families

        -Discusses the roles and responsibilities of community workers


 **Please remember to:

          Read to your child for 20 minutes daily and ask him/her questions about the story.



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