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Campus Phone: (832)223-3200

Ms. Sharon Cyrus

Important Notice

Tutorials available 7:30-8:00 every morning except Friday!!

District 6 Week Assessment

Published on 9/10/2015

1st Six Week District Assessment 9/24/15.

Teacher Profile

Ms. Sharon Cyrus
Math Teacher Jh

I am pleased to have your child in my classes this year.  I look forward to helping your child reach his or her full potential and have a successful year.  I also look forward to working with you, the parent, as you guide your child to develop his or her talents, skills, and abilities.  I would like you to be fully aware of the classroom rules and procedures so you can provide encouragement and support from home.  In order to ensure a safe, secure, and happy place to learn for all children, LJHhas a set of school-wide rules.  These rules are contained in the Student Parent Handbook and have been discussed with the student.

I would like to maintain an open line of communication with the parents of my students.  The use of e-mail is the fastest and most efficient way of communication between school and home.  Prior to scheduling a parent conference, please attempt e-mailing me with your concern to see if together we can resolve any issue.  If you need to schedule a parent conference, please contact the front office at 832/223-3200.  

My schedule is as follows:

1st period       8:15 - 9:05       8th Grade Math

2nd period      9:09 - 9:59       8th Grade GT Math

3rd period       10:03 - 10:53    8th Grade Math

4th period        10:57 - 11:57   8th Grade Math

5th period        12:01 - 12:31    Lunch

                        12:31 - 1:01     Advisory

6th period        1:05 - 1:55        8th Grade Math

7th period        1:59 - 2:49       8th Grade Math

8th period        2:53 - 3:43        Conference  

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