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Mr. Richard Fagert

Welcome to Interactive History

Published on 9/9/2013

We are looking foward to a great and fun year in Texas History!

Teacher Profile

Mr. Richard Fagert
Social Studies Tchr Jh

B.S. University of Maryland

Graduate Diploma in Bank Operations, Bank Administration Institutie at Vanderbilt University

Active in community and sports.

Class Rules: 1) Do the Right Thing.  2) Respect Others.  3) Expect Greatness

Rm E113  Conference Period:  10:00 pm - 10:53 pm

Phone:  832-223-3200


period 1 - Texas History

Period 2 - Texas History

Period 3 - Conference

Period 4 - Lunch/Advisory

Period 5 - Texas History

Period 6 - Texas History

Period 7 - Texas History

Period 8 - Texas History

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