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Ms. Margaret Reese

Principles of Hospitality and Human Services

Published on 9/8/2015




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4th Period

First six weeks the students will learn about safety and sanitation in the classroom.  Students will take safety and sanitation tests to be able to work in the kitchens.

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Ms. Margaret Reese
Education & Child Svcs Day

Mrs. Reese's Class

My name is Michele Reese.  This is my 16th year at Lamar Junior High and my 22th year to teach.  My class is called Principles of Hospitality and Human Resources.  It is modular class with computer modules covering Caregiving, Fashion and Textiles, Apparel Merchandising, Parenting, Hospitality and Tourism, Nutrition and Wellness, Math in the Kitchen, Food Science and Nutrition, Family and Friends, Global Family, Banking and Credit, and Interior Design.  Students have a two week rotation on different modules.  The modules consist of daily activities, quizzes, games, tests, hands on activities, and tests.

Email: mreese@lcisd.org

Phone :  832-223-3200

Conference: 4th period

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