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Ms. Diane Becker


Published on 10/15/2013

Monday-Return graded work and Begin Periodic Table Activity
Tuesday-Complete Periodic Table Activity, Review Sheet for next Tuesday's Test passed out, due Monday
Wednesday-1st thru 4th period will be taking the Ready Step test. 6th and 8th will take notes on the Periodic Table
Thursday-Notes on the Periodic Table for morning classes and then begin labeling Periodic Table on pg 40 in journal. Afternoon will label Periodic Table.
Friday-Book Review on Periodic Table. Morning classes will complete labeling of PT.


Published on 10/4/2013

Monday-Set up Atom Book-Students will keep notes and activites in book on the properties of an atom. (Major Grade) Due 10/11 Quiz on Friday over material in Book.
Peanut Activity
Tuesday- Atom and Element notes in atom book, Homework "Atomic Structure Wkt"
Wednesday-Bohr Model Notes in atom book, M&M Activity, Homework, Bohr model practice wkt
Thursday-Periodic Table notes in Journal. Begin periodic table activity.
Friday Quiz over atom. Turn in Atom Book before quiz. 


Published on 9/30/2013

Monday - Update Journal & Force and Motion Jeopardy
Tuesday - Check Six Weeks Test Review
Wednesday - 1st Six Weeks Test, begin cover page for Chemistry Unit
Thursday - Reteach test for those who scored lower than 70%, Others will work on IPADS playing reinforcing physics games
Friday - Atoms Family Activity and Card Sort

Teacher Profile

Ms. Diane Becker
Science Teacher Jh

My name is Diane Becker. I am a native Texan. I grew up in Houston, attending Westbury High School. I attended Texas A&M University, receiving my BS in Education. I am certified to teach 6th through 12th grade science courses.  I have been married for 23 years to my husband and best friend, Rex.  I have two children. My son works for a  pipeline inspection company and my daughter is a freshman at Texas State University. I have taught 25 years in three districts; Spring Branch, Fort Bend and now Lamar Consolidated for the past 10.

My class schedule this year is;

1st period- preAP Science

2nd period- GT Science

3rd period- preAP Science

4th period- preAP Science

5th period- Advisory

6th period- preAP Science

7th period- conference

8th period- preAP Science

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