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Ms. Cynthia Holder

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You are in the right place if you would like to learn respect, responsibility, persistence, self-discipline, motivation, empathy, loyalty, and self-confidence.and much, much more!

Learn to be a LEADER!

Published on 9/9/2015

In Teen Leadership students will learn to develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility. Students will also develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and the skills it measures, which include self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills.  Another very important skill which will be developed is that of public speaking and communication and an understanding of personal image.

Teacher Profile

Ms. Cynthia Holder
English Teacher Jh

Graduated from Needville High School.

Received Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literature from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

Have taught for Lamar Consolidated Independent School District since 1998.







Conference Period:

2nd Period


Fall Semester Schedule:

1st Period   - Teen Leadership

2nd Period - Conference

3rd Period  - Teen Leadership

4th Period  - Teen Leadership

5th Period  - A Lunch/B Advisory

6th Period  - Teen Leadership

7th Period  - Teen Leadership

8th Period -  8th Grade English


Tutorials available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. or by appointment.


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