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Ms. April Dusek Benoit

Language is Power!

Published on 9/9/2015

 As you know, the ability to read and write well is an integral part of education, and it affects all areas of life.  With that in mind, you should see your child actively engaged in reading at least 30-45 minutes everyday.  Research reveals that students who are engaged in sustained reading increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary development.


The 40-40 Challenge

At LJH, our students read at least 40 books in 40 weeks, which includes the holiday breaks.  This effort will help support the reading climate in my classroom while enhancing their overall curriculum.  Your child will be required to read each grading cycle and will present a written or multimedia report for a major grade.


Technology Integration

The students will be actively engaged in instructional technology to enhance an support learning in the classroom.  It is imperative that the students are checking their resources daily to stay up to date on reviews, assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.



Teacher Profile

Ms. April Dusek Benoit
Science Teacher Jh

My name is Mrs. Benoit.  This will be my fifth year teaching at Lamar Junior High.  Teaching is a passion of mine, and I am excited to watch your child grow and succeed in class!  

Pony Pride!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 7th period - English
6th & 8th period - English Pre-Ap/GT

 My conference period is from 10:57-11:57 am (4th period). 

Feel free to contact me at 832-223-3200 or email me at abenoit@lcisd.org

Tutorials - Monday & Thursday 7:45-8:00 am 

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