Campus Phone: 832-223-3200

Football Practice

Morning school football practice will begin August 21th

8th Grade time 7:00am-8:30am

7th Grade time 7:20am through 1st period

For Questions Email:

Athletic Coordinator: Coach Allen:

8th Grade Head: Coach Anderson:

7th Grade Head: Coach Gerbermann:



ALL athletes must have an athletic physical on file.

ALL athletes must have Rank One online forms completed. 

ALL equipment provided by school EXCEPT cleats!


For Questions Email:

Athletic Coordinator Coach Allen:

Football Camp 21-22

All football players need to make sure they are drinking plenty of water. If you choose to drink sports drinks you should drink at least the same amount of water as you do sports drink. Most of these have a high concentration of salt and sugar.

Drink - Drink - Drink

Football practice and games are stressful on the body. Get plenty of rest and eat right.

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