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Vision and Mission Statement for Athletics

Lamar Junior High offers a full range of athletic programs, including football, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, and tennis.

The purpose of our extra-curricular sports program is to encourage and foster opportunities for ALL students to actively participate in activities other than the academic. This develops learning outcomes in skills, emotional patterns, communication, interpersonal group dynamics, teamwork, leadership, and general knowledge. Our athletics programs unique experiences are inherently educational and teach lifelong lessons such as teamwork and self-discipline, while facilitating the physical and emotional development of our student athletes.

2020-2021 Important Athletic Dates

All students interested in trying out for a sport and participating in Major Sports must have a complete physical and online Rank One forms complete by August 25th, 2020. This is a UIL requirement; failure to complete these forms will prevent a student from participating.  

7th Grade Requirements: All students will need to complete a 2020-21 Pre-participation Physical Evaluation signed by a physician AND all required online Rank One forms (Medical History, Consent to Treat, LCISD & UIL Forms Signature Page, and Bona Fide Residence) found here, before being cleared for participation.  We will also need a copy of the student’s birth certificate and a current utility bill. 

8th Grade Requirements: LCISD has followed the recommendations adopted by the UIL Legislative Council and will be honoring Pre-participation physicals for students from the 2019 – 2020 school year for an additional year.  However, all students must complete an online UIL Medical History Form that is signed by both the student and parent/guardian in Rank One by visiting the parent portal here.  The Medical History Form will be reviewed by an LCISD Certified Athletic Trainer to check for reoccurring or recent health issues.  Any pending issues could require a new physical to be completed prior to clearing the student for participation in the 2020 – 2021 school year.  All other 2020-21 Rank One online forms (Medical History, Consent to Treat, LCISD & UIL Forms Signature Page, and Bona Fide Residence) must also be complete prior to being cleared for participation. If new to Leaman or LCISD, the student must complete a physical, Rank One Forms, provide a copy of the student’s birth certificate (if he/or she has not participate in in sports at Lamar prior to the upcoming school year), and a current utility bill.  

Things to do for Athletic Participation:

1. Online Physical Forms- Link
2. Printable Physical Form- Link

Rank One Instructions & Login Page

LJH Sports Schedules

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