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Ms. Vernetta Jones

Published on 9/24/2015

9663 Reading I

9673 Reading II

9683 Reading III Credit: .5 - 3 Prerequisite: ARD Committee Decision

This course covers basic word attack and comprehension skills. The student works in the group or level nearest his/her ability range with packets and drills designed to improve reading. Many high-interest, easy-reading materials are part of the course work. 

Teacher Profile

Ms. Vernetta Jones
Special Ed Teacher


Class Schedule:

1st:    U.S. History Inclusion 

2nd:   U.S. History Inclusion 

3rd:   English III Inclusion 

4th:   A Lunch

         U.S. History Inclusion 


5th:   Reading

6th:   Conference

7th:   English II Inclusion


Tutorials:  After school by appointment, Tuesdays and Thursdays

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