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Ms. Kimberly Boardman

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Published on 9/8/2015

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Ms. Kimberly Boardman
Science Teacher Hs


Voicemail: 832-223-6865

Class Schedule:
1st:  Pre-AP Physics
2nd:  Conference
3rd:  Forensic Science
4th:  A Advisory/ B Lunch
5th:  Forensic Science
6th:  Forensic Science 
7th:  Pre-AP Physics 
8th:  Forensic Science


May be subject to change without notice due to meetings, parent conferences, etc. 
Pre-AP Physics:  Tuesdays, 7:45-8:15am; 3:40-4:15pm
Forensic Science  Wed. 7:45-8:15am; 3:40-3:45pm




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