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Mr. Fred Guess

Ch. 11 Confessions and Admissions:Miranda V. Arizona

Published on 9/28/2015

Students will read Ch. 11 and do key terms and review questions.

Teacher Profile

Mr. Fred Guess
Law Enforcement Tchr Hs

Hello, I'm Dr. Guess. I teach the law enforcement classes at Lamar High School. I am the advisor of two clubs, the Criminal Justice Association (CJA) and SkillsUSA, chapter 3696. All students are encouraged to join CJA. We  participate in community service projects throughout the school year. You must be invited to join SkillsUSA. In skills, we compete against other law enforcement schools for the chance to compete in the State and National competitions.


Voice Mail:         832-223-3189

Class Schedule:   1st Period -  Law Enforcement I

                             2nd Period - Law Enforcement II

                             3rd Period - Court Systems & Practices

                             4th Period - Advisory

                             5th Period - Law Enforcement I

                             6th Period - Law Enforcement II

                             7th Period - Law Enforcement I     

Conference:         8th period, 2:50-3:40 p.m.

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