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LCHS ProGrad 2022

Apr 13, 2022 | Leah Shoemaker

Lamar Prograd Lock-In will be Friday, May 20th from 12:00AM to 6:00AM at Times Square Entertainment 402 W. Grad Parkway S #110, Katy, Tx 77494.

Transportation will be provided.

There will be bowling, an arcade, laser tag, billiards, and more with over 200 prizes to be won through the night using prograd tickets earned.

Tickets to Prograd are on sale from April 12th thru May 11th. $25.00 early registration and 10 free tickets for prizes if purchased before April 20th. $300 after April 20th and get 6 tickets for prizes if purchased by May 11th. 

Email for more information.