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Dual Credit

Mar 05, 2021 | Leah Shoemaker

dual creditOur SCHOOL DAY SAT test was rescheduled to April 13th. All face-to-face students during the 5th six weeks are automatically registered for this offering of the SAT.  

We encourage all our students to take advantage of this delay, to study extra for the test. Students can log into their account to do practice testing and quizzes as well as get valuable tutorials customized just for their needs.  

Students that have not linked their account with their account should do so TODAY. College Board is offering 2200 scholarships of $500 to students that complete at least one timed mini section practice or one diagnostic quiz for SAT on Khan Academy. To sign up for the scholarship, students must log into their College Board account and ‘opt into’ the OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP program. Click here for more information: