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Lamar CHS TSA Chapter WINS at Regionals

Mar 03, 2020 | Leah Shoemaker

Lamar CHS TSA competed at Regionals this past weekend and had a great showing. With 34 schools in attendance (25 of those high schools), our students held their own against some strong competition and 38 of our kids earned their advancement to state. Some of the schools we compete against are: Seven Lakes, Katy High, Cinco Ranch, Clements, Kempner, Elkins, George Ranch, Foster, Fulshear, and Tompkins.

On behalf of myself, Mr. Goss, and Dr. Paul, I want to thank you for all your support of TSA. Here are our state qualifiers.

Please congratulate these students when you see them!

1st Place Animatronics: Ali Soonasra, George Koussa, Nick Vadlamudi, Nick Boyd, Aadil Shatry, and Camden Vanijgul

1st Place Children’s Stories: Emily Dunn, Emily Chau, Emilee Donham, and Nick Hernandez

3rd Place Children’s Stories: Hedaiah Shwaiki, Faith Afenkhena, Ifrah Mohiuddin, Isabelle Sitchon, Daniela Vazquez, and Karen Montanez

2nd Place Dragster: Rodney Munoz

1st Place Engineering Design: George Koussa, Nick Vadlamudi, Camden Vanijgul, Ali Soonasra, Trenton Wooley, and David Liu

2nd Place Essays on Technology: Madison Morris

1st Place Fashion Design (with special thanks to Mr. Saunders for coaching this team!!!): Emily Dunn, Darian Kanu, Francisco Santibanez, and Lauren Seiler

2nd Place Future Technology Teacher: Luis Sepulveda

2nd Place IT Fundamentals: George Koussa

2nd Place Music Production: Ethan Posadas, Aadil Shatry, Trenton Wooley, Vincent Lindsay, Cindy Vaquero, and Meesum Rivzi

3rd Place On Demand Video: Ethan Posadas, Aadil Shatry, Trenton Wooley, Vincent Lindsay, Nick Vadlamudi, and Zach Drapela

1st Place Photographic Technology: Madison Morris

1st Place SciVis: Hedaiah Shwaiki, Bernita Johnson, Hera Oduche, Faith Afenkhena, Ifrah Mohiuddin, Isabelle Sitchon

2nd Place SciVis: Madison Morris, Luis Sepulveda, Aaron DyCruz, and Kristian Mendoza

2nd Place Software Development: George Koussa, Nick Boyd, Nick Vadlamudi, Aadil Shatry, Ali Soonasra, and Camden Vanijgul

2nd Place System Control: George Koussa, Nick Vadlamudi, and David Liu

3rd Place Tech Bowl: Craig Cabrera, Adnan Hossain, and Paul Guardiola

1st Place Transportation Model: Trenton Wooley

1st Place Webmaster: Nick Vadlamudi, George Koussa, Jesus Zelaya, Aadil Shatry, and Nick Boyd

Andrew Uwe also qualified in Chapter Team, although that event does not award a place at Regionals.

Thank you again for your continued support of TSA!