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Bluebonnet Reading Program

The Texas Bluebonnet Award Program is a state-wide program for students in grades 3-6.
Texas Librarians nominate 20 new books each year from different genres to be on the Bluebonnet list.
Its purpose is to promote free-choice reading and expose students to a
variety of quality literature.

Hutchison Bluebonnet Reading Club

Read 5 Then Decide!

The Hutchison Library is excited to invite all third, fourth and fifth graders to participate in the 2018-2019 Texas Bluebonnet Reading Club! Through this state-wide reading initiative program, students read from a list of 20 books nominated by teachers, parents and librarians throughout Texas. Students who read at least five of these books will be invited to vote for their favorite title. These votes are tabulated from all over the state, and the winning author receives an award at the annual Texas Library Association meeting.

This is not a program where students should feel that they must read all 20 books! These books have been selected for a variety of grade levels (3-6). Please choose carefully not every book on the list is appropriate for the younger end of the “target audience”. Remember, students only need to read 5 books to vote. As we have discussed in the library, if your child starts a book and realizes that it is not “just right” for him/her, please return it and try another.

In addition to the voting program, we also have a Battle of the Bluebonnets program.  Please read the different levels below for more information.  Students are able to decide if they would like to participate in Level I, II or all III.  This is an extracurricular activity and not a required program

**The 2019-2020 nominee list is here! Click below for the full list.**
2019-2020 Bluebonnet List
 Videos on TBA’s YouTube channel


Be a part of the 2019-2020
Hutchison Bluebonnet Book Club Challenge
Battle of the Bluebonnet Books (BOBB)


Level 1: Students who read at least 5 books by January 24, 2020  AND pass the AR quizzes are eligible to vote for their favorite book during our Bluebonnet Voting Day in January.

Level 2: Students who reach the grade level “Challenge Goal” by January 24, 2020 AND pass the AR quizzes are invited to attend the Bluebonnet Celebration in May (date TBD)!

Third Grade: 10 books

Fourth Grade: 11 books

Fifth Grade: 12 books

Level 3: Students who reach the grade level required number of books AND pass the AR quizzes by January 24, 2020 will qualify for the Battle of the Bluebonnet Books (BOBB) team. The top 6 finalists will move on to represent Hutchison at the LCISD Battle of the Books (Date and location to be determined).

Keep track of what you read:

 Read 5     


If you have read at least 5 of the 2019-2020 nominated books you will qualify to vote for your 



Texas Bluebonnet Book
January 2020
 Happy Reading!