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Texas Bluebonnet Nominees Reading Program 2022-23

As an effort to promote the love of reading, each year the TX Library Association selects 20 books as nominees for the prestigious Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Schools and libraries throughout the state of Texas participate in the program.  Targeting third through sixth grade students, participation statewide averages approximately 100,000.  The program encourages students to read a minimum of five from the list.  The reading can be independent, with a friend, or read aloud in a group setting. Students that read five by mid-January are eligible to vote for their favorite. Voting is online through an established link with the student’s participating public or school library. The author receiving the most votes wins the Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA).  The award is presented at the Texas Library Association conference during the spring.   

At Hubenak, participation in The Texas Bluebonnet Nominee Reading Program, officially begins at the beginning of the school year during Library class, however, books are available for check-out before and during the summer break. (*See summer hours) Many copies of each title are purchased in both print and eBook formats. Students who read five by mid-January become eligible to vote for their favorite. Normally at least three are read during library class in a whole or small group setting.  Students love to track both campus and statewide votes until a winner is announced late February.  

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