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Ms. Tana Holmes

Important Notice


Instructor Expectations

Published on 8/17/2017

Successful students will simply be:  Respectful of others, Responsible, and Honest

Phones, music players, headphones, and earbuds are put away upon entering the classroom.Unauthorized phone use will result in confiscation of your phone. It will be turned in to your Assistant Principal's office or your coach with an explanation of the disrespect that was shown to a prepared teaching professional. 

Computer use is part of this class, but privileges WILL be rescinded for inappropriate use. Don’t log in until instructed, and we will use only assignment related sites.Dress code, attendance, behavior rules correspond to George Ranch High School Student Handbook standards.

Students may have a water bottle containing water only to drink during class. No eating in class unless it is a planned activity.

Hair brushes, mirrors and other grooming items are not allowed out during class time- we will begin modeling medical professionalism and infection control in our own lives.

You are responsible to inquire about missed assignments- I will not seek you out to get your work turned in. The class Secretary will help you.

Classroom tables and chairs are arranged to aid in instruction. Leave them as placed unless instructed to move them. Our chairs have wheels- safety PLEASE! Also, backbacks are to be placed on the floor or at the front of the room. 


Teacher Profile

Ms. Tana Holmes
Health Science Tech Hs

Mrs Holmes is entering her 28th year of teaching at high school and college levels. She has a background in emergency medicine and public administration prior to choosing a career as a health science educator. Her former students have gone on to be surgeons, Pharm D's, United Nations world health policy advisors, and CDC epidemiologists, among many other medical professions. Consequently, Mrs Holmes has very high expectations of her students at "The Ranch" as well. In her 3rd year at GRHS she is looking forward to teaching 4 different courses and taking HOSA to international competition.

Tutorials- Monday/Wednesday from 3:30-4pm  (make sure I know you're coming in)

HOSA Meetings- 1st and 3rd Tuesdays before and after school

GRHS Medical Guest Lecturers- To Be Announced by HOSA Public Relations Committee

Students and Parents- Please join Health Science Theory, Practicum, Pharmacology, Medical Terminology, and HOSA Remind text messages at the number 81010.

HOSA "Remind" code is @GRHSHOSA. HOSA Twitter account is @grhs_hosa

Medical Terminology- @holmesterm
Pharmacology-  @grhspharm

Health Science Practicum (clinical rotations)-  @grpract1

Health Science Theory- @grhshs

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