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Ms. Rachel Guidry

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Ms. Rachel Guidry
Math Teacher Hs

Hello, my name is Rachel Guidry. I am a native Michigander. I moved to Texas after graduating from Kalamazoo College. With a major in mathematics and a minor in Spanish, Texas seemed like a great fit. I am in my ninth year of teaching some mixture of Algebra 2 and/or Pre-Calculus.

 If you have never met me, I really am a big math dork! Case and point, I got married on Pi day of 2011.

My husband and I  have a five year old son and a three year old son.  When I am not doing something for math class and coaching tennis, my husband and I enjoy traveling to Louisiana and Michigan to spend time with our families.

How to contact me...

 Email is the best way to get a hold of me:

 You can call (and please leave a message): 832-223-7540

 Follow me on Twitter: @CoachGuidry

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