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Mr. Philip Baker

Welcome to AP Government

Published on 1/2/2017


This is the home page for AP US Government at George Ranch High School.  As an AP level course this class will require students to spend significant amounts of time working outside of the classroom.  My estimate is probably about a hour worth of work per night assuming  that the student is keeping up on all assigned readings.  Due to the amount of information that is required in this course there is information that comes entirely from the textbook that the student is responsible to understand.  I can help with this during tutorials. but the student must read the textbook if they wish to be successful in the class.  Approximately 5% of the tests will come from reading material.  Additionally the class will begin on the very first day of school and students will have a major test on the second Wednesday of the semester.  This should give everyone an idea of how quickly the class moves.  It is not my intention to scare anyone away from this class, but rather to make certain that everyone is aware of the workload and pace.  If a student completes the readings and assignment I believe that they will be highly successful.  

If anyone has questions or comments please email me and I will respond within 24 hours.  I will also send out mass emails that will inform everyone of upcoming due dates and what is happening in the class.  

Teacher Profile

Mr. Philip Baker
Social Studies Tchr Hs

Welcome Longhorn family.  My name is Philip Baker and I arrived at George Ranch High School in the fall of 2014.  When I first arrived I taught freshman English, then AP US History and now I teach my favorite course, AP Government.  Prior to teaching at the Ranch I taught in both North Carolina and San Diego beginning my educational career in 2011.  In addition to teaching I also coach football in the fall and lacrosse in the spring.   

Prior to teaching I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I double majored in English and history. I was able to attend college on the GI Bill following four years in the Marine Corps. I received a Masters of Education in San Diego, California following my undergraduate degree.  

My wife and I welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl, in 2015.  My wife teachers social studies at Polly Ryan Middle School.  We live within the district and look forward to continuing our work with district for years to come.  

My Schedule:

1st Period - AP Government
2nd Period - Conference
3rd Period - AP Government
4th Period - Football 
5th Period - AP Government
6th Period - AP Government
7th Period - Principles of Government

Tutorials are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11:51-12:21

Email address: pbaker@lcisd.org 

AP Government textbook page, log in information is provided to the student and uploaded to the canvas webpage

Phone number (832) 223-4200


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